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First of Everything: How Did SNCF Come About?

The First of Everything series brings to you know more about the establishment of SNCF and the co-operative movement in Singapore! Stay tuned on Mondays to read the other 11 posts in this series.

Do you know that SNCF is birth out from a decision of trade unions to spearhead development in the co-operative sector which totally changes the history of the co-operative movement in Singapore? This means that an apex body was formed to be the guardian of the affiliated co-operatives!

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Scholarship Talk @ NUS

In my previous article on Strategies to Finding the Correct Scholarship, I mentioned the need to understand the scholarships available through talks which..

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New year resolution, to get a scholarship?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you had a great start to the new year! The new year usher in new resolutions, what is your new year resolutions? Mine is definitely good health and to lose weight (especially after all the feasting during Christmas) to prepare to eat more during...Read More

Let’s Beat Diabetes!

Do you know that if you are found to be at risk of diabetes, you will be qualified for subsidised health screening? Those ages 18-39, you are required to…

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Join in and Share-A-Gift!

Upcoming this Christmas, we have The Boy’s Brigades (BB) getting involved in promoting the spirit of caring and sharing among Singaporeans…

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Day 2 of ICA – Global Conference and General Assembly

Day 2 of the conference starts and the youthful colleagues went for the Coopyouth Gathering and Orientation The ice-breaker given to us were: Get a piece of paper Decorate it in a way you think represents you (pictures, words, etc) Include your name, home country and...Read More

Birthday For A Cause

Do you know of anyone who may not have the blessing to celebrate their own birthday every year with their loved ones? Here is your chance to share your special day with them now.   Based in Manila, Philippines, the founder of MyBirthday Foundation, Catherine...Read More

YOCO Camp 2017: Digital Marketing Tips

Hi there Heroes! Here are some digital marketing tips for you to be prepared for the upcoming YOCO Camp 2017 on 1st & 2nd of November. Target audiences Knowing who your target audiences are is fairly important because you will need to understand them (Age, income,...Read More

A Happy Green Co-Operative

Bhutan has been a recent famous tourist spot for travelling due to its serenity and its religious attraction that the country offers. Other than the majestic Bhutanese monasteries found over the mountains, Bhutan is also well known for its Food & Agriculture,...Read More

NTUC Foodfare – Rice Garden

Image credit: Daniel Food Diary Initiated by NTUC Foodfare in 2009, Rice Garden is a social outreach programme that works to serve food to the community, in promotions to affordable and healthy nutritious meals. With 39 Rice Gardens stalls island wide, you can easily...Read More

A different perspective of viewing life

The highly sought after exhibition by Yayoi Kusama – Life is the Heart of a Rainbow is in Singapore at National Gallery Singapore! Being typical Singaporean, I decided to ask my friends along to view the exhibition together! We went on a Sunday’s morning...Read More

Bored of life? Looking for adventure?

  Do you feel like you have completed everything in Singapore – from Trampoline Parks to visiting the museums, and there is nothing else better to do? Well, look no further! Here are 10 adventurous outdoor activities you can do in Singapore – with your friends or...Read More

Matchsticks from IMH

Every Saturday morning at 9.45am, the lobby of the Institute of Mental Health/Woodbridge Hospital (IMH/WH) is bustling with noise. Despite the long week at school or work, volunteers from the Matchsticks of IMH (or Matchsticks, for short) are still pumped up to spend...Read More