On the 12th July 2017, Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) brought a group of Singapore Poly, Business Admin students to the Warehouse Club by NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd located at Joo Koon Circle. These SP students are amid an entrepreneurship module and most of them either had a start-up operating, or an idea that was ready to incubate. Indeed, an enterprising bunch of students with innovative and creative ideas.

This learning journey first started off with Mr Senthil asking a question, “What do you all think is a co-operative?”


One student mentioned, “It’s like a social enterprise, it does not only focus on its business goal/s, however it also gives back to the community in certain ways.”


The room was filled with laughter when Kaden, proclaimed “That’s my ah ma!” when he chanced upon a photo of her shopping in NTUC Fairprice that was used in the presentation.

During the Q&A session, the group also wanted to know what was the difference between a social enterprise and a co-operative, and what constituted Mr Senthil’s passion for working in a co-operative. Besides holding a business degree­­­­, Mr Senthil was equipped with social sector knowledge and enjoyed doing youth work for coops. Utilizing these three strengths, he eventually found his balance working with Singapore National Co-operative Federation, in the Campus & Youth Team.

Students were then led to the Warehouse Club where they obtained their complimentary warehouse pass which allowed them to patronize and purchase just for a day.


Hold your horses to shop! A necessary short briefing conducted by one of the NTUC staffs taught students on how the model of Warehouse Club was built, and explained how consumers can enjoy savings up to 20%. The Warehouse Club also carries in special brands which other Fairprice does not possess, and allows members to buy in bulk, value or multi packs at affordable prices.

At the end of the learning journey some students even stayed behind to continue their shopping at the Warehouse Club. Students enjoyed themselves and left positive reviews about the learning journey, some said it was a great experience for them to break out of the classrooms regime and have outdoor learning.

Through this learning journey, students gained more knowledge about NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd, how it moderates its cost of goods for affordability and how the model of co-operative works. This also allowed students to widen their exposure and knowledge on entrepreneuship, social enterprises, and co-operatives, all in hopes for promoting entrepreneurship with a social mind.

Thank you NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd for giving the opportunity for students to learn and get first-hand knowledge at the Warehouse Club!