• Average national recycling rate stands at approximately 61% for 2015
  • Household recycling rate: 19%
  • Industrial recycling rate: 71%

Singapore falls behind by a large margin when compared to the household recycling rates of Taiwan, Germany and South Korea.

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Did you know…
– Recycling rate for plastic is at an alarming 7% only?
– Food waste contributes to 22.5% of total waste disposed?
– Even after recycling effort, 588 500 tonnes of paper/cardboard is still disposed in 2015?

To be honest, I’m quite amazed that industrial recycling rate is so much higher than household recycling rate. There is so much more that we could work on.

Recently, I started a recycling initiative in our office. I placed a small box in our office to collect recyclables and sent an email appealing to my colleagues to recycle their used papers and drink bottles. We took 2 weeks to fill up this box!

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What do you think of these statistics? Is there anything you could do to spur the recycling rate in your school, your family, or your workplace?

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