Samantha Boh from The Straits Times wrote an article, “Food waste raises a stink for recycling”, that talks about recycling in Singapore and highlights what we should consider before we recycle. Accompanying her article is a very informative video.

Check them out here

Inside a typical material recovery facility…

Step 1: Automated Bag Splitter, where trash bags are pulled apart so that items can be sorted

Step 2: Primary Picking Station, where recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans and cardboards are picked out by hand from a fast-moving conveyor belt

Step 3: Magnetic Separator, where a strong magnet picks out metals such as tins and cloth hangers

Step 4: Ballistic Separator, where flat items such as paper are separated from three-dimensional items while smaller items less than 60mm are discharged to be incinerated

Step 5: More Manual Sorting, sorting out more materials

Step 6: Compacting & Baling, where recyclables that have been sorted go through a compactor and are bound into 300kg bales