SNCF brought 15 students from Holy Innocents’ High School to visit POLWEL Coop as part of their Learning Journey, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the co-operative movement and what POLWEL is all about during their post-exams period. Upon entering their cozy office in Burlington Square, Ms Lynn Shi, Corporate Affairs Manager enthusiastically welcomed the students and had them seated in their meeting room where she begins to share more about POLWEL.


What is POLWEL?

POLWEL is a co-operative of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) which seeks to enhance the quality of life of police officer by providing various services such as loans and savings. Besides such services, POLWEL also has its own retail arm that develops and sells merchandises bearing the SPF insignia. (Fun fact: POWEL is the sole authorized vendor for SPF merchandises!)

During the sharing session, the students were extremely attentive, and the more inquisitive ones were quick to clarify their doubts with Lynn. They seemed to be rather surprised by the fact that alternative financial services are available as all along they had thought that loans and fixed deposits services were exclusive to the big banks!

It was also a learning point for myself as I never knew credit co-operatives provide such attractive interest rates for their members.

The sharing session concluded with the staffs at POLWEL bringing out the delicious snacks they had bought for the students. It definitely got the students all excited as they quickly gobbled up the food in no time.

While the students munched on their food, Lynn engaged the students by asking them to provide several suggestions on the possible merchandises POLWEL could consider selling. It was rather inspiring to see the students really cracking their heads and coming up with several relevant ideas- such as phone cases with the police insignia.

Thereafter, to the delight of many students, the staff brought the students around the office and introduced the various merchandises that they have to offer. The students were especially intrigued by the police vehicle collectibles as they are an almost exact model of the actual vehicles we see on the road.

impressive cars collection

To sum up, this learning journey was definitely an eye-opening one for not just the students, but for myself as well. It is great to see Co-operatives such as POLWEL providing essential services to the men and women who don the blue uniform to serve the country.

This article was brought to you by Tammy Lim Lee Xin, a first-year Computer Science and Economics Undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University currently interning at SNCF. She likes travelling, reading and hunting for good food.