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Here we come! – ACLC 2018 @ Phuket

Annual Co-operative Leaders Conference (ACLC) 2018 is a signature event of Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) to bring the leaders of the co-operative movement for potential networking and brainstorming possible collaboration among the co-operatives to a greater height.

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Digital Business Challenge is back!

  Digital Business Challenge is back this year with YOCO Camp! Organised by the School of Management and Communication (SMC), and in partnership with Singapore National Co-operative Federation, the Digital Business Challenge serves as an ideation platform for...Read More

Faces of Co-operators: Where Passion and Career Meet

In our Faces on the Co-operator series, we speak to young co-operators who share their passion for promoting the well-being of the communities where we live and work. In this third post of the Faces of Co-operator series, we feature 24-year-old Tricia Young, a Talent Acquisition (TA) Specialist at NTUC Health Co-operative Limited.

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First of Everything: How Did SNCF Come About?

The First of Everything series brings to you know more about the establishment of SNCF and the co-operative movement in Singapore! Stay tuned on Mondays to read the other 11 posts in this series.

Do you know that SNCF is birth out from a decision of trade unions to spearhead development in the co-operative sector which totally changes the history of the co-operative movement in Singapore? This means that an apex body was formed to be the guardian of the affiliated co-operatives!

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SCOOP Trail 2018

#ScoopTrail2018 is a tech-based co-operative amazing race, in its 5th edition, which is organised by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), in partnership with Mercatus & NTUC FairPrice, and supported by the Republic Polytechnic (RP) Youth...Read More

Huat ah: The More We Get Together

2 more days to Chinese New Year, are you ready to gather? On the last post of Huat ah series, SCOOP will share with you on the importance of gathering in Chinese New Year. Do you know the reason why no matter where you are, whether you are a foreigner in Singapore or...Read More

Huat ah: Yummy Tummy

Buying food is one of the vital activities during Chinese New Year. SCOOP is going to introduce three categories of food to include in your shopping list!

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Huat ah: Decorate The House

It is 11 days to Chinese New Year, have you bought your decorative items to beautify your place? If you are thinking to save some cost and not going out to squeeze with the rest to purchase the items, you can consider Do-It-Yourself (DIY) the items? SCOOP teaches you...Read More

Scholarship Talk @ NUS

In my previous article on Strategies to Finding the Correct Scholarship, I mentioned the need to understand the scholarships available through talks which..

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New year resolution, to get a scholarship?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you had a great start to the new year! The new year usher in new resolutions, what is your new year resolutions? Mine is definitely good health and to lose weight (especially after all the feasting during Christmas) to prepare to eat more during...Read More

Day 2 of ICA – Global Conference and General Assembly

Day 2 of the conference starts and the youthful colleagues went for the Coopyouth Gathering and Orientation The ice-breaker given to us were: Get a piece of paper Decorate it in a way you think represents you (pictures, words, etc) Include your name, home country and...Read More