The biggest sector in Singapore’s Co-operative sector is actually the service sector and this time round in the First of Everything, I’ll be introducing to you: Our First Service Co-op!

Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organisation (SASCO) Ltd was established on 16 Nov 1933 by 12 thrift & loan co-operatives to serve as a coordinating body.

Their original objectives were to provide for a central organisation to facilitate the co-ordination, collaboration and the dissemination of information amongst the growing number of co-operative societies then. Here is a timeline of what SASCO Ltd was known as previously:

In the 1980s, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) was set up as the apex organisation for all co-operative societies. Being a part of SNCF allowed SASCO Ltd to change its portfolio into community projects as well as providing community and social development programmes.

The ageing population in Singapore was a concern that attracted the attention of SASCO. Hence they went about to provide a shelter for the elderly destitute. SASCO Senior Citizen’s Home is open to citizens or permanent residents who are 60 years and above, mobile and free from infectious and chronic diseases.

SASCO Home also conducts a wide range of activities that promotes health and well-being for the frail elderly such as physiotherapy and counselling. They also initiated the Give n Take Campaign to encourage the spirit of giving and receiving, alongside the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Ministry of Health (MOH).

In order to support the Government’s initiative of active aging, Give n Take provides a platform for the seniors to give thanks to their partners and community. You can find out more about the campaign here!

SASCO have now grown and expanded to two daycare centres for elderly, four childcare/infants & toddlers centres under Havencare and 5 senior citizens’ home! I personally am very encourage that at least when I reach that age, I can be assured that I can count on SASCO for their elderly activities and gatherings!