Hi there Heroes! Here are some digital marketing tips for you to be prepared for the upcoming YOCO Camp 2017 on 1st & 2nd of November.

Target audiences

Knowing who your target audiences are is fairly important because you will need to understand them (Age, income, gender, location etc.) and find out which marketing tool(s) to use to market your product or services to them.

For instance, to promote lifelong learning skills such as how to use a tablet, you will want to target elderly to attend such classes. It is best to market to them via traditional media (e.g. TV advertisement, newspaper, radio etc.) knowing that majority of them do not use social media as compared to the younger generation.


Then you further consider how to market to them. Would using superhero cartoon character to advertise lifelong learning classes appeal to the target audience? Perhaps it appeals better with younger children as such characters are within their interest that could catch their attention better.






Knowing who your competitors are and learning about them allows you to differentiate yourself with them or improve yourself by learning what they did not do well in/what they are doing the same as you. It could be in terms of pricing, website presentation, or the way you guys present to/engage your customers.





If you notice some good ideas your competitors are implementing and doing well in, don’t copy! You can implement it as well, but make sure you do it your own way using your own style!


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