Ethics! It is the moral principles of a person, whether they know how to distinguish good and bad.


  1. Never misrepresent your product or services in any way. It should always be truthful and accurate. Otherwise your consumers will never trust your products again and could cause your company great damage. Not only that, it can be illegal!


A common example would be weight loss products. There would be times you would see an advertisement saying if you purchase their product, you will be able to lose xx kg in a few days without having to exercise or go on a diet. Hmm… In just a few days, how true can that be?


slimming-pillsDuring the year 2002, there was a serious slimming pill case also known as Slim 10 scandal that has gotten Slim 10 and many others such as the endorser and seller etc. to get into trouble with the law.

A local actress Andrea De Cruz suffered from kidney failure after consuming Slim 10 pills for a period of time. Thank goodness her husband Pierre Png, who is also a local actor, donated part of his liver to her. Her liver transplant was successful, but had to closely watch her health ever since that day.


See how something misleading can cause harm to people? Make sure to think before you do!


2. If you’re thinking of differentiating yourselves with your competitors, the only way is not to bad mouth your rival. Rather, you could emphasise on your products or services to make it stand out and better attract consumers… In a professional & ethical way!











3. Insensitive marketing. It was quoted ‘A Cold Storage spokesperson said the sign was put up by a junior staff member who “overlooked the cultural sensitivity”. A promotion was going on in Cold Storage for Deepavali, and it just so happen that a staff stated ‘Deepavali promotion on Beef. Things got worse from there when someone noticed and tweeted “Cold Storage’s #deepavali promotion was on beef!!! Cultural understanding eh?”


Read up the article here:


FYI, millions of Hindus revere and worship cows.

Cold Storage then apologises for the ‘insensitive’ beef promotion during Deepavali.

How powerful social media is?


SOME of the above may not be against the law, but is it ethical? How would your bosses think of you if you present such ideas to them? Even if you proceed to do so, it might get you into trouble when the public starts to post negative comments. It can also eventually destroy your reputation! Be wise!


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