Quick question! Do you know the types of digital marketing out there?

Was the first thing that came to your mind, social media marketing?

You are right! But do you know that there are many other types of digital marketing? Here’s a few, and the rest is on you:


Viral marketing

There is a chance of making your business into an overnight success if you could come up with something incredibly hilarious or something else that could catch the attention of people.


Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is also an example of viral marketing to share about Ice Bucket Challenge and promote awareness (via Internet) about the disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.













People actually posted a video of themselves doing the Ice Bucket Challenge as seen in the picture above, and tagged their friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to take up the challenge. This is how it got spread so quickly around the world!


More than 17 million people has participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and 2.5 million people donated over a $100 million to the ALS Association. Incredible how messages spread so quickly in the internet all over the world?

World map


Search up for it on YouTube! Another viral marketing would be Evian. This is a video on babies dancing after drinking Evian water that can make adults feel young and energetic as the babies. Interesting? Evian advertisement was one of the best viral marketing campaign, but their sales dropped drastically. This shows the difference between a viral video & a successful ad campaign!

Viral marketing however, does not only mean the making of videos, but also images, interactive flash games and text messages etc.


Pros Cons
Large reach:

If your viral marketing is a success, it will help reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

Can be a waste of effort:

It can be a waste time and money if the content of your viral marketing do not reach to intended audience or if done improperly, it can create a negative buzz.


Come back on the 21st of October to read up on other types of digital marketing part 2 & 3!