In a modern world with increasing awareness about climate changes’ causes and effects, many have realised the importance to reduce, reuse and recycle waste to save our environment. Yet, most of us don’t even know where to go about reducing our waste.

That is why I am sharing with you 3 best ways to contribute to the zero waste effort that was done in school.


#1 – Have a compost bin

In my school, Bukit Batok Secondary School has set up a compost bin designed to combat the innumerable waste produced by students and staff.

bones of food

Food waste from rice to vegetables to prawn shell to chicken bones is thrown into the depths of the bin for decomposition into organic and natural fertilisers, used on trees and plants.


The introduction of compost waste bins to society will thus be able to reduce waste, all while procuring valuable organic fertiliser, that can either be used or sold to benefit the environment or economy. Thus, schools should have compost waste bins, to reduce waste sent to the incinerator, reducing carbon dioxide gas, a major greenhouse gas involved in global warming and climate change.

Just like one of the overseas co-operatives – Zooshare Co-operative which turns manure of the animals and food waste from the grocery store into renewable power and fertilisers for the Ontario grid using a biogas generator.

Zooshare about Poo power profits

Credit: Zooshare Co-operative 

#2 – Use lesser papers


This the state of Esther’s table, the Queen of Printer for she print a lot every other month in office. Despite her effort to print double side to reduce the amount of printed paper required, she still ended up with own stack of one-sided paper. What I learnt from her is that she does not simply throw or shred away those paper, she sorted out those one-sided paper from double-sided paper and turn them into her memo papers.


See! Those one-sided printed papers turned into her memo papers allowing her to write her To-Do list, pens down her inspiration and even minutes of those meeting that she went.

This also applied to you students who print or received a lot of notes for your syllabus or subject or modules. Why not collect all the one-sided printed papers as a class and turn it into a memo stack? Make this zero waste effort a class effort! Use a paper clip to hold all the papers together and turn it into a memo stack which you can reuse them purposefully!


#3 – Bring Your Own ___________

lunch box

You may have seen it.

You friend brought their own food which is home-cooked by their parents or helpers or themselves.

This is another potential way to reduce waste! By bringing your own reusable lunch boxes, you ditch the non-recyclable styrofoam boxes that release large volumes of toxic gases that in turn, devastate the human respiratory system. You are saving your own lungs!

Of course, the trendy thing right now is metal cutlery and straws!

metal cutlery

Other than bringing your own container to order your food from your canteen or food court stall, you may want to consider bringing your own cutlery so that you may reduce the uses of plastics and woods! Save the Earth!


#4 – Think like an entrepreneur 

Uniform carries the identity of the school you belong to. However, it can be quite costly for some who might not be able to afford such basic necessity. For those seniors who are going to graduate, you will never need to wear school uniforms again. Therefore, why not do good by having a FLEA DAY to sell your good condition uniforms to your juniors?

During the Flea Day, all students can be involved to sell their good condition pre-loved clothes too to raise awareness of reducing textiles and at the same time, earn a little pocket money for the class too? If handling money is an issue, fret not! You can donate the money back to the school to help them in financial needs too, so that the money earned will not be for individual gain but for the mass.

Look at the pink culotte that I bought at a secondary school’s Open House, guess how much was it?

pink pant zara flea

I bought it for $1 and it was from ZARA! What a steal right?

Of course, if enterprising isn’t one of your fortes, you may want to donate the good condition uniforms and pre-loved clothes to your juniors or simply drop them to your school’s General Office if they ever had such collection.

This is 4 best ways for you to contribute to the zero waste effort in school. Do you have any suggestions on other ways to contribute to the zero waste effort in school? Please comment at the comment box below!

This article is brought to you by a student from Bukit Batok Secondary School who was having his internship at SNCF during the November holidays and Esther Wong, a staff from Singapore National Co-operative Federation, Campus and Youth.