‘Zhng’ in the Singlish dictionary means to beautify, upgrade or modify. In our Zhng Series, we shared with you tips on how to zhng your daily activities into all would envy on your creativity.

COVID-19 has travelled to 212 countries and perhaps, still counting as I am typing this article.

A wave of anxiety and uncertainty arise whenever we heard updates about COVID-19, be it about Singapore or other countries.

As Singapore is in Circuit Breaker mode from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, only the essential workers are allowed to work physically. Though our movement has been restricted and we have to mask up, we are not defeated as many are working from home. Even the children are having Home Based Learning for their studies.

This COVID-19 brings the people globally to a pause from our usual routine and alter our lifestyle. How has it changes you?

Let me share with you 3 things that I did during Circuit Breaker as it changes my usual routine.


1.Working from Home / Home Based Learning

Yes, that is something new for Rushing Asian in Singapore. We will only experience how working from home would look like when we take our leaves and being called by our colleagues or boss to do some work. That is working from home for us, at least that is for me. Even e-learning in schools for the students are just a day trial but now, it is going to be for a month.

From waking up to travel via B.M.W (Bus, MRT, Walk) for work to waking up at home to on my laptop to do work from home is a whole new world of experience for working adults. In times like this, self-disciplined has to be in place, if not, work will never be done and will end up spending more time to do a personal agenda instead of working or studying.

Set up a timeline or schedule for me helps as I can track my progress. Check out my schedule:

Calendar of the week

Of course, take a break when you need it but not too long for you forgot about work or homework.


Check out the McDonald’s garlic sauce which you will only be get hold of it after 4 May 2020.

It is not easy for employers and schools to keep track of our work or studies, but as an individual, we must remember our identity as an employee or student. We have to do what we are called to do. Hence, be responsible for your Zoom/ Google Hang Out/ Skype/ Microsoft Team to report for meetings or Home Based Learning and submit your work on time.


2.Whipping up dishes

Have you ever stepped into your home and the first thing you smell is the home-cooked food that is ready for your stomach to enjoy?

Yes, I am thankful that my mum is a good cook and I have home-cooked food whenever I stepped into my home after work. I guess, to win someone’s heart is to win through the stomach is true!

As my mum is an essential worker, she continues to work physically while I have the entire home to myself during the day. And I thought to myself to cook our meals so that when she is back home, she will have meals ready for her.

Hence, I embarked on my cooking journey not just from my mum but also from Google, YouTube, Tik Tok Videos and friends who have been Instastories or post their cooking.

Check out what I have cooked thus far:

abc soup

My version of ABC Soup which replaces potato with sweet potato! A tasteless soup that was salvage by my mum to make it flavourful. This soup is the first dish that I cooked during Circuit Breaker.

ginger chicken

This is the first dish that I ever cooked that was flavourful without my mum’s help. Most importantly, this is her recipe but she shared that I should add more dark soy sauce to make it even more flavourful. *3 cheers* to myself indeed. It was the happiest moment during the entire Circuit Breaker to know that I could cook.

veggie tofu

My version of vegetable dish. Being very auntie, $1.50 for 5 tubes of egg tofu (egg beancurd), I have to make use of every tofu in most of my dishes!

cheese baked pasta

Satisfied my craving for pasta and I am sure that is the first dish which everyone will cook in various format as you might not be able to find pasta sauce or even pasta in the shelf of any supermarket. The best thing is that I cooked this using my rice cooker as I don’t have an oven at home.

tik tok bread

Tik Tok bread which I saw from Facebook’s feeds. Use cheddar cheese to achieve such cheesy moment as your teeth sink into the bread.

With that, I realised that cooking is not an easy task to do and I appreciate people who cook well. However, I am also shocked at the amount of money that I spent at groceries. I never know how popular pasta, pasta paste, butter, cheese and even toilet paper are part of essential items that people will hoard away.

Though I still couldn’t not identity bak choy that I want to buy and give up by buying the other type of bak choy, I am thankful that while I was struggling to identify the difference, one auntie was willing to show me the difference when I ask her for the exact location of the bak choy. Sorry auntie, I am not a good student.

Now, I believe every Singaporeans who went to whip up dishes during Circuit Breaker can proudly declare themselves as master chef at home!


3. Wondering in the Free Learning Platforms

As none of us could travel to physical places unless necessary, there are many free online courses or even places to visit or watch plays virtually for at least a month to 3 months.

I have always been curious about certain courses but paid courses are usually expensive though we have SkillFuture Credit to offset for our courses.

With the free online courses available, I can even study at Harvard for free!
Other than the free overseas online course, our local training platform is also providing online courses too.

NTUC Learning Hub has teamed up with GO1 to launch over 100 FREE online courses to offer Singapore during the Circuit Breaker period. Available for a limited time only.

GO1 is a leading e-learning platform provider backed by Microsoft and SEEK. Together NTUC Learning Hub has handpicked courses to help you tide through this period, with everything from leadership to Photoshop to Python coding.

NTUC Learning Hub has just had its soft-launched: https://ntuc.mygo1.com/ 2 weeks ago.

I managed to try a few courses at this platform and it serves as a good refresher for me.

From Community Circuit Breakers, I learn about Duolingo and I picked up Indonesian from there too. As learning get tougher, I need more motivation to complete this learning.

As my course with Equinet Academy was postponed due to Circuit Breaker, I opted for the online version as I really have no idea when will I be able to resume physical learning. To be frank, it is really tough to have online learning but what is growth without discomfort? Learn to embrace the changes and make it to your advantage!

Even in these tough times, learning never stops.

As I reflect upon the past 2 weeks of Circuit Breaker, I am thankful for the following:mask up esther

  1. I am thankful for the Circuit Breaker for I have a safe place at home after my groceries shopping.
  2. I am thankful for the Circuit Breaker for I have the chance to experience the three news things which I thought I might not have sufficient time to do so as a Rushing Asian.
  3. I am thankful for the Circuit Breaker because it indeed drew family or loved ones closer for we treasure the time being together or virtually for some of you. Though with everyone at home mean more chances of conflict, loves resolves everything. Therefore, I am still thankful for having this extended time to be home to spend time with my mum, if not, I will be out socialising or doing my commitment outside of the house.

Please remember that this battle does not just belong to the front-line workers’ job but YOU AND I play a part.

We are into our 2nd week of Circuit Breaker, how have you been?

Comment at the comment box below if you have done similar or different things that can encourage everyone as we continue the next two weeks during the Circuit Breaker journey.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!