‘Zhng’ in the Singlish dictionary means to beautify, upgrade or modify. In our Zhng Series, we shared with you tips on how to zhng your daily activities into all would envy on your creativity.

Can I be totally honest with you? I am a procrastinator queen when comes to exercise and running. I love to jog but I am not disciplined to follow through my running regime. I just could not lift myself up when life throws lemonade at me. Priorities have to be determined and I choose procrastination and comfort instead of a breakthrough.

I know what you are thinking. You are nodding in agreement as you read the above sentence. You are also thinking of ways to get out of your comfort zone to stick to your running routine but still could not find THE ONE suitable way.

Want to see which ways work for me? Let me share with you 5 ways you can zhng your running below.


#1: Run with company

This was really helpful as running with people means that I have to stick to the schedule plan with them. I cannot cancel on them for fear that I will be scolded. I will not even entertain the thought to say I am not motivated to run.

Running with others can be a crucial point for a procrastinator like me. It makes the boring running session alone more tolerable, the positive peer influence will encourage me to push through the distance that I set out for myself.

Just like Runninghour has this buddy running system where you can motivate each other to go far.

How about a furry partner to motivate within your running?

Running with furry partners create bonding time too. Instead of paying attention to the running time, the joggers are more focused on enjoying the companion. However, please be careful not to push your furry too far too fast in your own pace.


#2: Forget about the time

Do you on your running apps to track your average pace, average timing, total distance and time taken for the entire run?

Are you constantly checking on your watch or phone for the time taking on every round?

If you said yes to both questions, you are slaves to the timing. That result in unnecessary pressure for you to keep up to the run which will draw the enjoyment out of this run. I am guilty of this too! That is when I realised that the constant check often leaves me unmotivated to continue my stride and led me to walk on running path eventually.

So, why not abandon the running apps, the watch and phone but just run as freely as possible? You will see how set free you are when you are not restricted by the very device which encourages you!


#3: New routes, new experience

Let me tell you a secret.

I love to jog at Bedok Reservoir Park since young because of the potential view of sunset.

Picture this image as you run. You will be more driven to see from the other side.

However, having the tendency to always run the same route and unable to complete most of the distance discourages me to continue to run. Hence, I decided to try a new route to run where I head to the 100 plus track in Singapore Sports Hub where I found it more rewarding to jog 3 rounds for 2.4km instead of jog-walk for 4 km at Bedok Reservoir Park. I have slowly increased my rounds since then!

How about dressing up interesting to run too?

Altering your routes can be both mentally and physically challenging, but it certainly increases the enjoyable and motivational level! So, let’s get going to try out new terrains now and perhaps dressing too?


#4: Climb high, run low

When you are on a treadmill in a gym, you can incline the treadmill as an option. That makes running on the treadmill harder as you move your body vertically, placing high demands on the lower body. Stair climbing reaches this effort too.

Instead of always running on flat ground or treadmill, why not zhng your running route to climbing stairs too?

Stairs are generally everywhere. You can climb the stairs of your office building, your flat and MRT station. If you are tired after the climb, you may take a lift down to after a good rest on your legs.

Lilian Koh, one of my colleagues who chose the stairs instead of the lift at our office building.

Talking about MRT station, Lilian decided to ditch the escalator in MRT station and decided to climb all the stairs. Imagine the many flights of stairs at Buona Vista MRT station, she has been consistently climbing it and manage to tone her shape too!

See, combining both running and climbing stairs benefit you by burning more fats than you expected!


#5: Join a competition

I started jogging on my own again when I was training together with my friends for a marathon. If not, this procrastinate queen will be easily unmotivated and will not run on my own. Hence, all the jogging session with my friends and I were solely for this ONE marathon.

This marathon is none other than the Run For Inclusion race by our very own Runninghour!

Since 2015, Run For Inclusion has been the only mass running event where participants run alongside hearing, intellectually, physically and visually-challenged runners. The Run seeks to empower Person with Special needs (PWSN) to participate in mainstream activities and events, and to promote awareness towards the PWSN community through sports.

All the participants were holding onto the rope to walk to the starting point to signify running together as one.

My colleague and I also tried all the empathy run segment where participants are able to experience the challenges faced by PWSN.

Check out the blindfold run that my colleague and I participated in the Run For Inclusion 2018.

Honestly, it was rather scary to be running in darkness, especially I have to surrender my full control of vision to just listening to the instruction of my colleague. I will say, if you participate, please give it a try.

Another empathy run segment that we had in 2018 was being exposed to loud music as we run past that segment to experience how a person with autistic feel when being exposed to noise. As a person with autistic diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) tends to hypersensitivity to sound. Hence, they tend to cover their ears with hands, or sometimes lose control of their behaviour in the presence of certain sounds. This segment helped me to understand that we are wonderful and beautifully created, though with a difference but as long as we know how to manage the difference, we are able to live well together.

2019 is the first year where a new category – the 20km Cycling (non-competitive) was added. Participants get to cycle with PWSN on single bicycles and together with them on tandem bicycles. You can bring your own bike too!

What are you waiting for?

Come for Run For Inclusion 2019 to support a meaningful cause as you run!

Date: Saturday, 27 July 2019
Time: 4pm to 7pm
Meeting point: Punggol Safra
Address:  9 Sentul Cres, Singapore 828654
Location: Punggol Waterway Park, Singapore