”Zhng’ in the Singlish dictionary means to beautify, upgrade or modify. In our Zhng Series, we shared with you tips on how to zhng your daily activities into all would envy on your creativity.

There is a saying which said: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I guess that is why all children love their mothers no matter how naggy they are because they truly care about them not just physically but with their lives.

For this Mothers’ Day (12 May 2019), other than the common ways of honouring your mothers through getting cards, gifts, flowers or even fancy meals out of the house, SCOOP would like to suggest to spend your time to prepare a simple surprise meal under $20 to W.I.N your mother!



Do up 3-course meals!
What does your mother like to eat or cook? Think about the times she shared about her childhood food or perhaps showcase your good culinary skills that you can make good food other than instant noodles or pasta?

After planning, go to your nearest supermarkets to get the items! For me, I will always go to my friendly NTUC FairPrice Finest at Bedok Mall or NTUC FairPrice near Heartbeat @ Bedok as it is near my place.



Check out my simple 3-course meals’ ingredients below:

They are:


 Quantity  Ingredients Purchased Price
2  FairPrice Tuna Chunks – Brine (180g)  $2.10 per can
($0.35 discount)
1  FairPrice Frozen Roti Prata (480g) – (6 per pack) $2.05
1  FairPrice Frozen Fresh Mixed Vegetable (400g)  $2.10
1  FairPrice Marie Biscuits – Small (250g)  $1.65
1   $1.95
($0.30 discount)
 1  Pasar Frozen Thawed Boneless Chicken Breasts $2.75
1  Pasar Fresh Eggs (550g) – 10 per pack $1.85
8 Total $16.20


Dish 1 – Perk Her Up (Appetizer)

Innovate your very own version of Canapé which is a bite-sized and decorative food, consisting of bread (sometimes toasted), puff pastry, or a cracker topped with some savoury food, hence the ingredients were:

frozen mixed veggies

Boiled the frozen fresh mixed vegetables!


Open up the Marie Biscuits.

Open up the can of fruits cocktails.

Tuna Chunks

Open up the tuna chunks!

mixed tuna chunks

Check out the tuna chunks!

Mixed the tuna chunks and veggies together!

Does the end product look like Canapé?

WOW your mother on your first dish and you are ready to go for the second dish.


Dish 2 – Embrace The Meat (Main Course)

This is the most substantial course of a meal! You make or break it in a single dish.

What you need to do is to follow the steps below:

chicken breast

1. Take out the chicken breast to wash before marinate it with salt and pepper for 30 mins.

boiling water

2. While waiting for the chicken breast to be set, make sure your water reaches the boiling point!

boiling the mixed veggies

3. Pour the amount that is necessary for the main course into the boiling pot.

dried mixed vegetable

4. Drained the mixed vegetables after it is ready.

5. Pan fry the chicken breast once 30 minutes is up!

cracked egg

6. Cracked two eggs into a bowl and beat it to the batter. Add pepper and soy sauce if you want some flavour.

frying egg

7. Fry the egg when the pan is heated up.

scramble egg

8. The trick of making scramble egg is: “DON’T STOP STIRRING!” 

main course

9. Put everything together and you will get a dish of a healthy main course.


If you would like to have a twist in your main course, why not local-lise it?
You can consider frying a plain piece of prata instead of having wrap! Healthy and good too!

roti prata

Open up the frozen roti prata. Warning: DO NOT THAW THE PRATA.

fry prata

Fry the prata.

final prata

TADA: Prata with chicken breast.

IMPRESS your mother on this main course and you are ready to go for the final delish desserts.


Dish 3 – Quench Her Thirst (Dessert)

fruits cocktailsPut as many ice as possible into a beautiful bowl before you pour out the delish tropical fruit cocktails.

NOURISH your mother through the tropical cocktails and you are ready to greet her with a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!

Voilà, you have just W.I.N your mother through her stomach by cooking up simple meals. It is the thought that counts, but action speaks louder than words. Take some time to start planning and getting the ingredients before it is gone.

In 1985, FairPrice Housebrand was introduced to offer better value and savings to make necessities items more affordable to customers who patrons at NTUC FairPrice. The items are priced at about 10% to 15% lower than comparable products. For the freshest ingredients and produces like vegetables, poultry, fruits, meats and spices, Pasar is a natural choice, bringing you freshness, quality, value and convenience in a pack.

Including Housebrand, FairPrice also has sub-brands under the Housebrand such as FairPrice Gold, Pasar, Home Proud and Budget, and continue to provide great value to customers from all walks of life. In July 2008, Pasar Organic was added to the range, offering organic produce at truly affordable prices. You can definitely find quality foods, fresh produce, value items, and household products at FairPrice Housebrand.

When is the last time you went the extra miles for your mother?

Wait no more, visit your nearest NTUC FairPrice to W.I.N your mother as you honour your mother on this Mothers’ Day.