Up to the sky we go as we travelled to Taipei, Taiwan for our Annual Co-operative Leaders’ Conference 2017 together with close to 200 of affiliates and staff.

We stayed in Howard Plaza Hotel, which was a stone’s throw away from the Taipei Rapid Transit (TRT).



During the Speakers’ lunch and where the rest of the affiliates were away for their rest and relax, the SNCF staff had to work hard to finalise details and prepare for the incoming conference.




As the rehearsal came to an end, it’s time for the SNCF staff to party!

Before we headed out we realised that the weather in Taipei fluctuated and the temperature dropped from 33°C to 19°C. Fortunately, the Taiwanese were used to such drastic weather changes as they draped on a warm jacket as rain started to drizzle down. Of course, as kiasu Singaporeans, we too whipped out our jackets and umbrellas to experience Taiwan’s local delicacies and awesome sceneries.

We headed straight to Shi-da night market. Shi-da night market is where youths hang out, they also receive the latest fashion trends from the night markets.



Now the fun begins! Have you ever heard of smelly tofu? Have you ever smelled it before? Smelly tofu is said to smell so bad that people likened it to the smell of a sewage. However, daredevils who enjoy the tofu relish the taste that comes with the smell.

The smell of smelly tofu is a result of its fermentation in a span of several months, however this fermentation allows the marinate to seep deep into the tofu. Its taste is simply like no other. However, personally I feel that it tastes like any other tofu. Just a slightly stinkier, crispier version of normal tofu. Do give it a shot if you dare to take risk!


Do you recognise this drink? I remember when Chun He Milk Tea first entered Singapore, there was a craze that saw many queuing or buying in bulk from 7-11 just to sell it either to friends or online platforms.

However, I heard that this milk tea is not popular in Taiwan and the locals rather drink bubble tea than spend money on this expensive brand of tea. Indeed, one man’s meat is another man’s poison! I

I’m sure that if all the flavours available in Taiwan were exported to Singapore, us Singaporeans will have very happy taste buds!



That is all for now!

Do stay tuned for Day 1 of the conference as we bring you through Innovation for Sustainability in Co-op with this one-way ticket. Let’s go!