By Cheng Su Qi


“Not again, I thought it’s the holidays, why do I have to come back for another lecture???”

The thoughts of the Singapore Polytechnic students from SPSEC & SP Enactus were written visibly on their faces.



However, 10 minutes into the session, Mr. Alex from Educare showed a video on the lack of workers’ rights. Afterwards, the students were split into groups of 4 to discuss questions such as “What gives workers bargaining power?”


A myriad of answers could be heard from the students.


“Work experience.”

“The lack of contracts.”

“They have no power.”


The chitter-chatter of the students filled the lecture hall as they discussed pointers that were raised from the video. Mr. Alex brought out interactive learning, which greatly facilitated the understanding of what employers with a heart can offer to their workers.



Following this, Ms Nimas also from Educare, went on to deliver concrete advice for the students on resume writing. She incorporated interactive learning too by giving the students a task to complete a resume within a few minutes.


“You must write a good resume ah, later some of you will be interviewed.”


Immediately, the daunting task of being interviewed plunged the students into an array of thought-making process. Cell-phones were whipped out and the students went straight into completing the task.


2 students were called down for a simulation interview.

“Please share one incident that was very challenging for you and how you will handle it.”


Many other real examples were being asked by the Educare staff. The questions asked ranged from simple personal questions, to harder questions that forced the students to think on their feet.



Interestingly, the questions did not stump the students being interviewed. The potential of these youths could be glimpsed, just from the simulation of this interview.


Thank you Educare for coming down to Singapore Polytechnic to equip them with the right skills needed to find the right job and good technical skills needed to answer questions raised during interviews!!