How times flies, March is coming to an end and April is starting!

For those who are heading to polytechnics, either you are starting your fresh year or new semester of your second and third year. It means more events will be going on and you are one step nearer to achieving your goal in studies, people to connect with and attending outdoor activities. While we were out there enjoying our poly life, sometimes we tend to neglect our beauty and skincare routine too.

But fret not, I am here to share my secret with you by giving 4 tips on how you can take care of your skin!

Disclaimer: all the products are not sponsored and are my personal usage.


#1: Sunblock

We tend to spend more time outside of our home and having been exposed to the sun all the time, the harmful ultraviolet rays will cause us to have a higher possibility of having discolouration, dark spots and wrinkles. I am sure you do not want the freckles to come at such a young age right?

Therefore, applying sunblock before heading out is a MUST! Another option would be choosing a sunblock with some coverage. Having flawless skin while giving you the SPF you need!


#2: Drinking water

Did you drink up today?

I love to drink water! I will visit the office pantry to refill my water at least a day! Drinking adequate amount of water daily is important. It provides hydration to your skin and improves your overall complexion. Hence, having a radiant looking skin overall! Won’t you want to have the glow on your skin?

As recommended by the Health Promotion Board, one should have a daily intake of 8 to 10 glasses of water (250ml each).

Find out where are the nearest canteens or water-coolers in your poly when you stepped into your poly! Yes, poly also have water-cooler, just like your secondary schools too!

Are you having enough water daily?


#3: Washing your face

It is my routine to wash my face twice a day and I am sure it is a common routine that everyone does. But did you know washing your face once a day is enough for your skin?

Over washing will cause your skin to become very dry, we definitely need natural skin oil to hydrate and balance the moisture in our skin. If you are not used to washing your face once a day, you may try washing your face without facial cleanser in the morning but use lukewarm water to raise it instead.

Below are a few types of facial cleansers that I used:

What type of facial cleanser do you use? Comment on the comment box below to share your insight too!


#4: Get your face mask on!

Do you use a mask? After a long day of studying, your face also need some reward too. Why not reward your skin with a good mask that can make your skin less tense but more bounce-y?

Smoothing, hydrating, nourishing, anti-ageing, whitening and many more other types of masks out in the market for you guys to choose from. You might be spoilt for choices! My favourite advice will always be to choose the type that will address your specific skin care concerns! For example, I have a combination skin condition where my T-zone tends to be more oily while other parts of my skin like cheeks is dry. Hence, I will choose masks that will be hydrating contained ingredients such as honey and aloe vera to moisturize my skins. When my break out of acne come due to stress from studies, I will choose masks that have ingredients such as tea tree and bija to treat my troubled skin.

Here are a few masks that I am currently using now to hydrate my skins:

Hope this post helps you in better maintaining a good skincare routine:) Now go and be beautiful!

This article is brought to you by Lim Kai Xin, a Year 3 student from Republic Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma of Social Enterprise Management. She likes to travel, explores places which have good food and watches Korean drama by fangirling over handsome Oppa!